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Frequently Asked Questions

Severn Bridge Sportive and Castle Combe Family Cycling Day has endeavoured to answer the majority of questions within the main body of this website. However, if there are any further queries then please do not hesitate to check out the FAQs below or contact us on:


Tel:     01249 783399

Eating & Drinking

  • The Tavern will be open on the day serving sandwiches, snacks and hot/cold drinks


  • There will be plenty of parking on the day (on both tarmac and grass).
  • Please park in designated areas. If parking on grass, avoid parking under trees.
  • Please do not leave pets in parked cars.


  • There are adequate toilets available on the day. Accessible toilets and baby changing facilities are also available.

Information for Visitors with Disabilities or Special Needs

  • Castle Combe Circuit offers a flat surface and comprises of both grass and tarmac areas.
  • Accessible toilets are available at the Circuit.

Cash Facilities

  • We apologise but we are unable to take credit/debit cards on entry. Please bring adequate cash with you and ensure that you keep it safe at all times. There is a cash machine at the Tavern although there can be queues so be prepared...!
  • Debit/credit facilities are available at the Tavern and in some trade stands.

Bicycles and Bicycle Parks

  • At this time, we will NOT provide bikes for people to use / hire. If you intend to participate in events such as the Circuit Lap Challenge then you will need to bring your own bike/s.
  • All bicycles are welcome as long as they are fit for purpose, safe and pedal powered (Toddlebikes and Balance Bikes etc., also welcome)!
  • Some specialist bikes - such as stunt bikes, specially adapated bikes etc - may be provided by some exhibitors/trade stands. Use of these is subject to the exhibitor.
  • It is recommended that bicycle helmets are worn at all times whilst cycling
  • We will provide dedicated Bicycle Parks for the securing of bikes. It is your responsibility to provide your own chains/locks and ensure that your bike is secured safely.
  • Bikes must not be 'stacked' nor locked on top of each other. Please be courteous to other bike users at all times.
  • Castle Combe Action Days LLP (incorporating Castle Combe Circuit Ltd and Andy Cook Cycling Ltd) takes no responsibility for bikes lost, damaged or stolen as part of this event.


  • We apologise but due to the nature of this event, we will only accept Service Dogs. Service Dogs will be welcome in all areas of the event (subject to event health and safety) and must be kept with the handler at all times.
  • Dogs must not be left in parked cars.
  • Please use poop scoops

Site Safety

  • We will incorporate incoming car traffic, pedestrians and cyclists. We respectively request that bicycles are dismounted in public areas so as to ensure safety to pedestrian traffic.
  • Cars must keep to the designated roads and parking areas.

Cycle Helmets and Clothing etc.

  • It is recommended that cycle helmets are worn whilst cycling at the Festival.
  • With reference to the Severn Bridge Sportive only, the wearing of Hard Shell Style Cycling Helmets conforming to the EN1078 safety standard is compulsory for all riders under the age of eighteen. Riders over the age of eighteen are encouraged to do the same.
  • It is recommended that clothing appropriate to the weather and your activity is worn at all times. Layers are a sensible precaution in our ever variable British climate!

First Aid

  • First Aid will be provided from the Medical Centre which is based at Race Control next to the Circuit. Please ask a member of event staff if you need directions or assistance on the day.
  • Please note that the First Aiders are able to deal with minor injuries only. In case of emergency, please telephone 999. Do make an event member of staff aware of the incident so that the emergency services can be directed to the patient swiftly and safely.